Estoy Aquí

en Córdoba.  Y todo es incredible.

Last week when I was on the flight to Argentina, I started writing down a few rambling thoughts… unsure of what to expect, what was packed, and how the hekk this year was going to turn out.

Well, if this past week set the tone for the year, then I’m in luck.

When I applied to Remote Year back in August, it was such a distant thought of something that most likely would not actually become my reality.  But then as I went through the rounds of applications and interviews, it started to feel like maybe this could happen.  And then when I got accepted, I knew that this had to happen.  There was no chance an opportunity like this could be turned down.

Traveling the world (while making a paycheck) is something that most people would dream of.  I’m so lucky / fortunate / #blessed that this is my reality.  Being a Digital Nomad has been pretty cool so far, and the connections that I’m making will be some of the best for the rest of mi vida.

I got a little lot teary eyed when saying my goodbyes back in NYC, leaving a solid / safe / secure life behind.  My family has been so supportive and helpful with the process, and I really couldn’t have gotten here as successfully without the help (including buying a suitcase and getting a new iPhone an hour before takeoff – Family_Jules, you’re the best).  But as soon as I arrived in Argentina, I knew that this was it, this was the right choice.

It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and here’s a quick recap:

  • Meeting 75 of the most interesting, smartest, coolest, well-rounded, and weirdest group of new friends
    • I love new friends, this is so fun
      • Old friends – I have not forgotten about you all.. come visit por favor?
  • Argentinian wine… self explanatory
  • I’ll be fluent in Spanish pretty soon, sí?
    • Okay maybe not fluent, but I’m taking classes, so basically on the right track
  • Córdoba is a college town with a great night life
    • I loved college, this is perfecto
  • Welcome Party on Saturday
    • Beach party plus an epic dance party with all of my fun new friends
    • Anyone who saw my Snapchats – you know that it was an A+ day
  • Not to mention the fact that our Community Leaders are the best, and have really made this feel like home
    • Travis and Sam… you guys are killin’ it, and we love you

Our workspace reminds me a lot of IAS, making me feel right at home while I’m working during the day, but I do really miss my crew back on Morton Street.  And don’t worry, I certainly will not forget that this was all made possible by IAS and how supportive my company has been with this (muchas, muchas gracias).

At the risk of sounding too corny, I’ll say it anyway.  I think that Remote Year was made for me.  I know it’s only been a week, but I honestly can’t think of something that is more perfect and fitting for me.  I love everything about my experience so far, and really can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has to bring, because if it’s going to be anything like Week One, hekkkkkkk yeah.


Have you ever seen a happier crew?

Safe to say that this has exceeded my expectations.

Also – here’s the proof that I am actually working:




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  1. Lindsay says:

    Your “proof” is a little…ehrmmmm…inconclusive, 😉 Just sayin’


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