Adios Córdoba

What.a.month.  I’m en route to Buenos Aires for cuidad numero dos,  and am not sure how the time is flying by this quickly.

For a city that I had never heard of before Remote Year, I loved Córdoba.  We described it as “butterflies and rainbows” in South America.  It’s a hidden gem, and it will hold a special place in mi corazon forever.

Córdoba is a small city of about 1.3mil people, right in the middle of Argentina.  Coming from NYC, it was an amazing breath of fresh air and I loved calling this city mi casa por la mes.  Córdoba is not a tourist destination, so the search for postcards was pretty difficult but I’ll be sending one to the office soon that can be added to the #wherethehekkami globe, thx Queso Nick <4.


The locals that we met, whether at the workspace, the shops, taxi drivers or the hair salon (priorities) were intrigued about how we found Córdoba and what we were doing there for a month.  And when we told them how much we loved their city, you could see their faces light up with joy and pride for their city.

One person in particular made my experience in Córdoba even more perfecto – this guy, my main man Ivan.  I’ve never had a doorman before, so all of my late nights in NYC with 99cent pizza were never witnessed by anyone but my roommates.  But when I arrived home on my first night in Córdoba, I was pleasantly surprised to see Ivan at the desk, keeping his eye on all things going on at 526 Valez Sarsfield.  My Spanish is pretty minimal, but after a few glasses of vino I seem to think that I’m fluent… I attempted to introduce myself, told him about Remote Year and why I was in Córdoba and we became best buds.  Ivan’s shift started at 10p, so he would sometimes see me on my way out to a fiesta, and then each night I would come home and tell him where I went, who I was with and how much I loved his city.  He and his wife are from there and have raised their family in Córdoba so he was always thrilled to hear about all of the amazing experiences I was having. I have his email address and promised that I’ll be back in the next few years, there’s no way I’ll be able to stay away from this amazing place.


The nightlife in Argentina seems to be similar to Barcelona where people eat dinner at around 10p and the clubs are open all night.  We got to explore many of the popular bars and restaurants here, mainly the galarias which look like small alley ways that open up to funky restaurants and bars.  The weather was perfect for all of the outdoor dining and rooftop bars and undoubtedly would have been packed and expensive if they existed in NYC.  Dad – just doing some research for you when you want to expand the restaurant business to South America, I swear.

And these party dresses will be making their way around the Remote Year globe:


Despite the party pics, I promise I also worked… at places like this, digital nomad-ing it up:


Onto the next, adios Córdoba y gracias por todo.



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