Don’t Cry for me Argentina


Even though I’m certainly crying at the thought of having to leave this country.  Too cliche? Whatever, just go with it.

Argentina is amazing and the past two months that I’ve lived here have been incredible, it’s hard to even put it all in words.  I have done a little bit of recapping but I probably haven’t done a great job… it’s hard to find the time to keep track and write everything down when living in such a crazy city.  I have a journal and my last entry is from night #3 dinner in Córdoba at Faustino’s.  It’s now month #3 and I have a lot of backtracking to do.

Every day has been filled with working, eating, drinking wine, touring the city and exercising (sometimes).  I’m going to miss Buenos Aires, and already can’t wait to plan a family vacation here next year to show off a few of my favorite spots.

Córdoba was a perfect first city for Remote Year; it was small enough that we were able to quickly adjust to the group and the remote working lifestyle.  We had big group dinners all the time and knew that we would see our friends at the same few bars on any given night.  Buenos Aires was quite a change from that, which made for a different dynamic, but not for better or worse, just different.


Here are a few highlights to share for mis amigos at home:

  • Our first week was spent exploring our new neighborhood of Palermo Soho, a place full of amazing restaurants, bars, shops, and street art.  Everywhere you turn, there was another amazing piece of artwork painted on the sides of buildings.  A group of us went on a Graffiti Tour on our first day in BsAs and the stories are all so unique and interesting… really makes me wish that I had at least one creative bone in my body.



  • Welcome Party – Fuerza Bruta – one of the most amazing shows (is that what it would be considered?) I have ever seen.  It’s an interactive performance / concert / DJ set / experience that blew us all away.  It was probably the happiest I’ve ever seen our RY group as a whole, and the party dresses loved everything about it. So great that I went twice, and loved it both times.


  • Polo Day – our friend Charles organized a group of 30 of us to head out of the city for a day trip to the Polo fields outside of the city. We were at an incredible estancia, sipping wine, eating empanadas, and learning how to ride a horse and play polo.  Besides attempting to ride a horse at Brownies when I was probably in third grade, I’ve never ridden a horse before.  Needless to say, learning to ride a horse (and play polo) after drinking wine was interesting and awesome and I loved every second of it. It didn’t hurt that our instructor was a babe. Beautiful scenery in the countryside and beautiful polo players made for a top-notch day.
  • Bike Tour throughout the cuidad – We did the bike tour a few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon and got to see a lot of the best spots in BsAs.


  • I got interviewed for an online course about how to become a digital nomad! Link here:


  • Girls dinner, where about 24 of us drank about 24 bottles of wine and champagne at a closed door restaurant and talked about how much we all love each other


  • Service day in Tigre, an amazing place outside of the city.  A friend of ours organized about 40 Remotes to take the train and then a boat ride through the Tigre delta to an elementary school there. We got to paint some classrooms, clean up the playground, hang plants, and two of the gals painted a mural! It was an incredible day being able to give back to the community while having an awesome time with our friends in an amazing location.





  • Tinderball 2016 aka #pesosforbesos – this brought me so much joy and happiness. We were able to raise money for the Tigre elementary school while having a fun and random night out in Palermo Soho with amigos and Tinder dates, so much love to all who supported the cause, and s/o to the vintage store where I bought this phenomenal beso blouse

IMG_1767 (1).jpg

  • Farewell party held at a 100 year old mansion in Palermo Hollywood. We had an asado on the rooftop, lots of fernet and a DJ dance party, and a funny end to the night, but we’ll save that story for another time


  • Last Saturday in the city spent on the top of the double decker tourist bus. We got to see the famous little neighborhood of La Boca, the Recoleta Cemetery where Evita’s grave is, as well as few other touristy spots that I hadn’t seen yet.


Ciao, Argentina!

Time for Month #3 – La Paz, Bolivia


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  1. That street art is to die for!


  2. rANG bIRANGE says:

    wow wot lovely pics, seems u had a fun filled times there


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