LDW – Montenegro


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“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to vacation from.” – Seth Godin

I just got home from one of the most amazing places I had never heard of, and saw this image and quote when I opened a new tab on my computer while working and wow #allthefeels


A friend of mine told me about the Momentum plugin for Chrome a few years ago and it’s become one of my favorite things about the workday. Each time you open a new tab in Chrome, a picture of an amazing destination comes up along with an inspirational QOTD. I always love seeing the beautiful travel pictures and it’s pretty awesome to recognize places that I’ve been, like the Salt Flats in Bolivia or the ocean views in Cape Town.


Tuesday’s picture was of Kotor, Montenegro where I just spent Labor Day Weekend.  Unlike past LDWs that are spent at home down the shore in New Jersey, this year was pretty different, given my whole “Remote Year” thing. I wasn’t in OG, I wasn’t at the Parker House, and I wasn’t with my family. But I was swimming in the Adriatic Sea and drinking rosé with some of my RY fam.  Same same but different.


Up until about six months ago, I knew nothing about Montenegro – no idea where it was on the map, no idea if it was on a beach and no idea what to expect. And then Linds showed me a few pictures of her friend’s vacation there and I knew I had to go. A few of us booked cheap flights from Belgrade to Tivat and got an Airbnb near the beach in Przno. And it was more incredible and beautiful that I could have imagined, and as you can see, my underwater camera made our weekend a bit more fun as well.






If I counted correctly, Montenegro was Country #32 for me. Which I’m pretty damn pumped about. 32 countries in 26 years, thanks Mom and Dad for helping me pull that one off.  In the next few months, I’ll reach at least 39 and hopefully even more than that (if time, money and energy allows).  I’ve gotten lucky with traveling, and now working remotely while traveling the globe makes the quote at the top seem pretty perfect for how this year is going.  Keeping a full time job while working remotely in different time zones doesn’t always make life a vacation , but it’s times like this picture below that make everything worth it, and make me feel like the luckiest person alive.




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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Wow, as a history student I had always recalled Montenegro to be a landlocked state within the former Yugoslavia. From your experience, they seem to have the same Dalmatian coastline as Croatia! Great stuff!


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